Neural Oscillations Games
Based in Orléans, France

Founding date:
March 1, 2018


Press / Business contact:


Road Rage Royale

86 rue de la charpenterie
45000 Orléans

+33 (6) 85 28 55 28


Neural Oscillations Games is a one man "indie" game studio founded in 2018 by Barmy Failure. "I make games that don't exist for people who probably don't exist".


Early history

Neural Oscillations Games was created with the urge to make the best "low budget" "indie games" that should exist, but didn't, yet, because noone was dumb, crazy or desperate enough to try producing them for a living. The ultimate goal of all this was the relative long term survival of a very small team of passionnate people. Barmy then tried to find someone to embark with him in this great adventure, but again, noone was dumb, crazy or desperate enough to join him, and if someone was, Barmy didn't find him/her. And that's how he set out, alone, on the hardest path he ever walked.

Pre history

Barmy Failure worked as a web developper for 10 years, specializing in animated and interactive content. When he wasn't working for money, he spent time prototyping games that did or didn't work and were never showed to any kind of audience. Experimenting with music, sounds, game mechanics or game ideas was the point. Barmy never wanted to work in the video game industry, he didn't want to turn his passions into a business that he felt was more and more violent and stupid. All along his career, Barmy was having the feeling that the jobs he did for a living were, in fact, a slow death. Up to the point that he didn't have a choice anymore : "Survive creating things that had to be made or die trying".

Chaos Rules

Barmy Failure is also the frontman vocalist, lead composer and programmer of the only "procedural cyber hardcore punk" band worldwilde : Chaos Rules. Which is arguably the best unknown band in the world, that you must find out for yourself.



Gameplay Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (113KB)

There are far more images available for Neural Oscillations Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Tactical Car Combat Game" - Not a real award 2019

Twitch Channel
Join us every wednesday for our weekly interactive "Ask me anything" on : twitch.tv.

Chaos Rules
The most awesome band that nobody ever heard of : http://www.chaosrules.org.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Barmy Failure
Vocalist Programmer, Music, Game Director

Nicolas Charly
Artist, Freelancer

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